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Craig spent his life working with public enemy number one, the great white shark, which in itself is challenging.  Added to this, the extremely hostile environment these animals live in – the unforgiving ocean and specialized equipment, provided him with unique opportunities to learn the art of working in a high tension arena where pushing the limits and stepping outside of the comfort zone was a daily routine. In fact, there was no comfort zone.

Today, he uses his unique experiences, knowledge and insights into the true realms of working on the edge to clearly show his audience that we need never fear our challenges. He believes that our greatest gains, our greatest lives, lay waiting just beyond our fears and once we develop the skills and resolve to transcend our perceived limitations, we are richly rewarded.  We begin engaging life on the level of the heart and not from an intellectual perspective only, and this is where the flow is realized.

A man with a wealth of experience, based in South Africa  – but will travel internationally. He has spoken globally on white sharks, at DEMA, London, Cambridge and Stockholm Universities, as well as the Royal Geographic Society and numerous others.

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