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Craig Anthony Ferreira, is a prolific writer of both fiction and non-fiction. His books are The Shark, Vatican Blood, The Submarine, Great White Sharks on Their Best Behavior and The Force. He is a recognized authority on the Great White Shark. Craig has lectured extensively around the globe, written numerous articles and has featured in over fifty international documentaries, including National Geographic, BBC, History and Discovery Channels. He was team leader on three important, international white shark exploration projects and wrote the first scientific paper on Population Dynamics of White Sharks in Southern Africa. And he designed a beach protection system called Shark Fence.

Craig, is in demand as an international inspirational speaker and is a member of the Professional Speakers Association. He has lectured across the globe and was guest of honor at The Royal Geographic Society in London. He has enjoyed an audience with the Swedish Royal Family and his client list includes Ace Of Base, Virgin, HP, Spar and Nicholas Cage to name a few.

In the realm of white shark research, he is a pioneer and is the first person to have attached a camera to a free swimming white shark, is also the first person to have extracted blood from free swimming white sharks and is the first person to capture free swimming white sharks without fishing gear.

He is an avid adventurer and blue water sailor. Craig’s passion for life, his love for the oceans and his adventurous existence comes out in his writing. His great passion is fiction writing in the form of human drama and mystery. He is currently working on three new books.